Company History



Ferguson-Neudorf Glass Inc was founded in 1986 by Mr. Keith Ferguson & Mr. Peter Neudorf.  Both Gentlemen have over 50 years experience in the architectural glass and aluminum industry, specializing in the design, fabrication and installation of aluminum curtainwall, skylights and building envelope systems.

Keith Ferguson began his career in 1953 after graduating with a business degree from the University of Western Ontario. Keith was recruited by Canadian Pittsburgh Industries (CPI) and worked out of their Windsor branch. He quickly developed a reputation for solving problems at their various branches throughout Ontario. In 1967, Keith founded Ferguson Glass and became an industry leader in South Western Ontario.

Peter Neudorf got his start in 1945 working as a glazier for Niagara Glass in St. Catharines. In 1956, he decided to start a business of his own and founded Ontario Glass Craftsmen Ltd. (OGC). The company grew substantially over the years, becoming one of the largest contract glaziers in Ontario. In 1984 Peter founded Neudorf Glass Industries.

Peter and Keith met in 1985 while bidding on the National Art Gallery in Ottawa. It did not take these two entrepreneurs long to realize the potential benefits of working together as a team.

Ferguson-Neudorf Glass Industries has become one of Canada’s largest curtainwall contractors, and both men are very proud of their involvement in some of the most prestigious construction projects in North America.