Commitment to Accessibility for Ontarians With Disabilities


Ferguson-Neudorf Glass and all of our team members will put forth best efforts to provide excellent service to all of our clients and team members including those with disabilities, and will carry out our functions and responsibilities in an accessible manner.


Persons with disabilities is defined as any person that has a disability as defined under the Ontario Human Rights Code.


Ferguson-Neudorf Glass shall endeavour to ensure the premises are accessible, and allow the use of assistive devices. Where accessibility is limited, Ferguson-Neudorf Glass shall work to assist and accommodate the client and/or team members. Assistive devices include any auxiliary aids used by a client to access our services and may refer to any of the following:

·         Wheelchairs, walkers, canes, white canes, etc.

·         Note taking devices, recording machines, assistive listening devices etc.

·         Personal oxygen tanks

·         Devices for grasping


Service Animals are defined as animals specially trained to assist a person with a disability.


Service animals will be allowed access to our premises, except in areas where such access is otherwise prohibited by law. Where service animals are not clearly identified, Ferguson-Neudorf Glass may ask the owner to provide appropriate documentation.